Real Estate Agent Videos

by admin

It’s been a pleasure working with Sonia Woolley from Ipswich Granny Flats through our real estate video arm over the past few months to help her position herself as the “Granny Flat Expert” and also establish herself as a trustworthy real estate agent who is worthy of doing business with.

Our strategy here is to create regular video content that is uploaded to her youTube channel which can then be linked across to her social media and website. This content ranges from explaining her product to project diaries and updates that follow through the process of building a granny flat.

While each of these videos are designed to be very real, natural and human, they are in fact very powerful marketing videos.

If I asked you to describe a real estate agent to me, how would you describe one? Would you say things like, pushy, dishonest, always trying to get a sale?

I know in my experience, dealing with real estate agents isn’t always pleasant but there are some really great agents out there and they have a really tough task to convince their clients that they are different. Sonia is one of these agents that is great at what she does and does it well.

If you are a real estate agent (or any other kind of business owner for that matter) and want to use the power of online video to build credibility, influence, trust and establish yourself as an expert in your field, then contact me today for a free marketing consultation.

I’ll have a look through what you are currently doing to market yourself and put together a plan that is customised to help you position yourself best to your market.

Take a look at Sonia’s channel here: