Case Study: Seminar Event Videography

SpeakableYOU Hot Speaker Track Events

The video brief from Jacqueline Nagle and her team at SpeakableYOU was to create and deliver dynamic speaker reel content for speaking clients by way of filming full keynote speeches demonstrating the speakers ability to speak in front of an audience, testimonial videos by attendees at the event, a filmed interview with the speaker and a creative short 5min video called a speaker reel that brings together each of these element into one punchy promotional video.

On the day, ECKOmedia captured the full day event showcasing multiple speakers using 4 cameras in the room. 2 cameras were on tripods to capture the main keynotes and 2 cameras were handheld capturing creative shots of each keynote to be used primarily for the short promo speaker reel.

Approximately 20hrs of editing time went into each of the keynote speakers content in addition to the full day of filming with 4 camera operators on hand to collect all the required content including testimonials during breaks.

Event videography isn’t often this complex however, here at ECKOmedia pride ourselves on our ability to scale production needs to individual budgets.

If you need a professional result, you can trust us to meet your requirements should your event need the same level of expertise and quality or something more simple.

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