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Jacob & Gabrielle’s Wedding

Here are a couple of short clips of Jacob & Gabrielles Wedding Ceremony, Photoshoot and Reception that was filmed by ECKOmedia recently in January 2011. It was a wonderful day and it was an honour to film their special day and I hope you enjoy these videos too.

Ceremony Film:
Photoshoot Film
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3 Quick Reasons Why You NEED Video On Your Site!

There are many reasons why you need video on your website, whether you are an Internet Marketer, Small Business Owner or Hobbyist but here are just 3 quick reasons why you NEED video on your website.

1: Your Customers/Followers/Tribe need to SEE, HEAR and FEEL your message. The web has gone multimedia and if you want to capture your audiences attention, you need to stand out just that little bit more than everyone else.

2: Video is more “gripping” and hypnotic than print. You capture 100% of their attention. Have you ever been to a site and just skimmed through a sales letter or article and then moved on? You can’t just skim through a video and hope to know what it’s all about, you need to watch it. You also speak to more than one of their sences at the same time so more of your message will stick.

3: Google Loves Video! Video is by far the easiest way for google to find you. There are billions of web pages on the internet all trying to get listed in Google. You may have noticed when you do a search these days, video will often show up in the rankings on the first or second page.

So now you know why video production is important but you either don’t have the time or knowledge to use it’s power on your site. That’s ok because I want to work with YOU!

If you are keen to make video work for you then send an email to .